Window boxes in Acorn Street


Window boxes are an interesting feature in Boston’s most famous street


Window boxes are the front gardens of Boston’s most photographed street!

One of the staff members from Landera recently visited the US and spent an interesting day exploring Beacon Hill in Boston, Massachusetts. This area is one of Boston’s oldest communities and retains many of the features of a bye gone era – narrow streets of conjoined brick houses with decorative ironwork, beautiful stone doorway frames, narrow streets and gas lamps.

Acorn Street is one of these narrow streets. Paved with cobblestones, it is just wide enough for a car to drive through – although not many do. Most visitors enjoy the walk through an environment that has hardly changed since the early 1800’s. And they can’t help noticing the window boxes and planters; the fact that doors open straight onto the footpath is obviously not considered a good reason for not having a front garden!

Actually, plants such as flowers and herbs can be grown almost anywhere – window boxes, planter pots and vertical gardens all offer great scope for the imaginative gardener.


Acorn Street, Beacon Hill in Boston – cobblestones, gas lamps and window boxes