Planning outdoor areas.

Winter time is a great time for planning outdoor areas

Time spent in the garden during the winter months tends to be strictly maintenance-only mode – it is a bit difficult to get enthusiastic when your fingers and toes are numb. But you can easily find an hour or two during the winter months to do some forward thinking. Planning outdoor areas, whether for new garden layouts or for changes and upgrades to your outdoor entertaining spaces, is a most enjoyable activity.

If you are thinking of a covered outdoor entertaining area, the new Palram PALERMO gazebos are well worth considering. Available in DIY kit form, they are not only strong, being made from heavy gauge aluminium extrusion framing with unbreakable polycarbonate glazing, but they are very attractive and require minimal maintenance.

PALERMO 3000 Gazebo

PALERMO 3000 Gazebo

Planning outdoor areas to make the most of possibilities of your situation actually does take quite a bit of careful thought. Many factors have to be taken into consideration, including privacy and prevailing weather as well as local government requirements and, of course, your budget.