Why filter your tap water?

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Town water is safe, so why filter your tap water?

People often ask; why should you filter your tap water? After all, the local water board goes to great pains to ensure that the water coming from your tap is safe to drink. And it is true that generally speaking here in Australia we are very fortunate to have plentiful supplies of high-quality water at our fingertips.

But just because the water is safe to drink doesn’t mean that it is pure. For a start, the way that water is made biologically safe in municipal systems is by the addition of chlorine. This is an excellent method of killing pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, but it doesn’t taste particularly nice in that freshly brewed coffee! Another factor which affects the purity of your drinking water is the fact that it is delivered to you through an extensive network of pipes, some of which can be very old. This results in sediment such as flakes of rust, small pieces of grit and fibres being present.

There is a vast range of water filters available to address these problems. Systems which filter the water for the whole house are sometimes used, but these tend to be expensive and the reality is that much of the water used in household operation does not need to be filtered. Point of use systems such as countertop or under bench kitchen units are much more common.


Stefani 8.0 Litre Water Purifier

One of the most economical and effective point of use water filter systems available is the Stefani 8 Litre Water Purifier. This attractively styled unit is made from high quality stainless steel and features a micro-porous ceramic filter cartridge. This cartridge is the heart of the unit and provides excellent quality drinking water. The external ceramic casing of the cartridge removes sediment to a level of 0.5 micron and is lined with colloidal silver to inhabit bacteria growth. The inside of the cartridge is filled with granular activated carbon which is an extremely effective medium for removing chlorine as well as organic contaminants such as tastes, odours and pesticides.

Maintaining the Stefani Water Purifier is simple; the ceramic cartridge can be removed periodically and any sediment buildup scraped off. The cartridge should be replaced every six months or so, as the activated carbon becomes exhausted and its ability to remove chlorine reduced. Replacement cartridges are readily available and are inexpensive.

Pure, fresh tasting water is a real treat! And with it so readily available the family will be drinking that instead of some of the less healthy alternatives!






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