FREE FREIGHT available on most of our Plastic Garden Sheds. We have a wide range of Garden Sheds at the best prices you will find in Australia. With quality brands like Keter and Palram you can be assured of getting value for money and a great looking shed too!

Polyresin and polycarbonate plastic sheds offer significant advantages with their attractive appearance, resistance to damage and weathering and ease of installation. KETER plastic poly resin garden sheds and PALRAM polycarbonate garden sheds are rapidly becoming the weatherproof outside storage solution of choice for many people.

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We sell 3 main brands of garden shed, Keter, Palram and Duramax

KETER Poly Resin Plastic Sheds

KETER is a recognised leader world-wide in innovative injection-moulded UV stabilised plastic poly resin outdoor storage products. KETER plastic garden sheds are sturdy and easy to assemble and feature user-friendly design and low maintenance.
All units are supplied with floors, making installation simple and quick – all you need is a level site to put them on. For durable, weatherproof outdoor storage of your garden equipment, tools, bikes, sporting gear, the KETER plastic poly resin garden sheds have your garden storage requirements covered!
The KETER range of plastic sheds include FACTOR, OAKLAND, BELLEVUE and SCALA units, and we can deliver to regional areas such as Geelong, Newcastle, Gold Coast and Launceston as well as major centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth.


Duramax sheds are made in the USA and come with the longest warranty in the industry – 15 years. They make their sheds from uPVC, this stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. There are several advantages to using uPVC in the home.  It is a very safe material, so it can be used to transport water, or in items that are designed to go in the body without fear of ill effects.  uPVC is also one of the lowest maintenance building materials that you’ll ever find.  It does not warp, rot or rust, even when subjected to the harshest of weather conditions.  It’ll also never fade, and will stay looking good year in and year out.

PALRAM Polycarbonate Plastic Sheds

The PALRAM range of plastic sheds include ANTHRACITE and SKYLIGHT units.
The PALRAM ANTHRACITE range of polycarbonate plastic garden sheds have virtually indestructible wall and roof panels.  One innovative feature of the PALRAM ANTHRACITE is translucent roof panels, which make these attractive and long-lasting garden storage units well worth looking at as a lower cost option. PALRAM is also well known as the manufacturer of the range of our SILVERLINE Greenhouses.
The PALRAM SKYLIGHT units are reinforced with aluminimum and galvanised steel frame components for increased durability and rigidity.