Outdoor storage – space saving ideas make sense

Weather-proof outdoor storage box, cabinet and bench units are widely used to maximise storage space

Outdoor storage is becoming a viable option in many situations with the development of a wide range of weather-proof boxes, cabinets and benches. Space is often at a premium in today’s homes, and using a corner of the patio or yard allows many items such as sporting equipment, toys and tools to be safely stored without taking up valuable room inside. For larger storage requirements, of course, a garden shed is often the best solution.

There are several manufacturers specializing in good quality products in the outdoor storage field including Keter and Suncast. The most commonly used material for these items is moulded polypropylene resin plastic, which gives a good balance between strength, weathering (including UV resistance) and cost.

Typically these units are regarded as weather-proof rather than water-proof. This means that they are designed to keep the contents dry in outdoor storage situations, whatever the weather, but would of course let water in if they were covered in a flood.

One of the most popular units in the Landera range of outdoor storage units is the Keter COMPACT WITH PEGBOARD. It has a particularly useful internal configuration, with shelving on one side and a tall storage space suitable for brooms and mops on the other.

The unit shown below is the WOODLAND 30 Cabinet – also a very popular unit.