Weathervanes – feature accents that add interest to your property

Weathervanes have been in use for centuries

There is no topic more commonly discussed than the weather! From ancient times people have studied changes in climate and tried to forecast what tomorrow’s weather would bring. The weathervane is one of the first instruments devised to study weather patterns – the direction the wind is coming from often determines the day’s temperature, cloud cover and rainfall.

One of the earliest known examples of the use of a weathervane was at the Tower of the Winds in Athens in the 1st century BC. Since then there has been an enormous range of types and designs used throughout the world, often displaying cultural or religious themes as well as performing their primary function. These days they are often used to indicate an area of interest – the HORSE units seem to be very popular in some areas!

The ACCENT range of weathervanes that Landera supplies is manufactured in USA from cast recycled aluminium. Designed with a fully-adjustable roof mount base and finished in black powdercoat, these units are easy to install and will last a lifetime. The range includes the ROOSTER WEATHERVANE, SAILING SHIP WEATHERVANE and the HORSE WEATHERVANE.