Weathervanes – customer product review

As an interesting garden accent, weathervanes are worth considering


ACCENT Clipper Ship Weathervane

The ACCENT weathervanes are a great addition to any property. Manufactured from cast recycled aluminium with a black powdercoat finish, they will last a life time.

A customer from South Australia has recently installed one and writes:

“I bought this weather vane for my wife and we are really happy with it. We installed it on a small wooden archway in our garden. Being put onto wood the installation was extremely easy, 4 tek screws and I was done. The base has a good design that allows it to open to any angle and has slots rather than holes which allow for better placement of your screws.

It is sturdy, has the same level of detail on both sides and the size is just right. As they describe, it will never rust and the coating is very good quality as well. It won’t turn in very slight breezes, but a reasonable puff will move it to show the general direction the wind is blowing.

I’m very happy with the purchase and the quick delivery time – couldn’t find the same thing for a better price anywhere else either”.

Weathervanes have actually been in use for thousands of years, and for centuries were an important indicator for forecasting coming weather patterns. With the advent of modern forecasting techniques and technologies they have largely been superseded of course, but they remain an interesting link with nature and conversation point.