Does a greenhouse help plants grow?

Is a greenhouse a cost-effective way to grow plants?


does a greenhouse help plants to grow?

Comparison between plants grown inside and outside a greenhouse

Does a greenhouse help plants grow?

The question often comes up; just how effective are greenhouses? In other words, will the results you obtain in increased yields and quality justify the expense outlaid in buying and installing the greenhouse? Well, here we have a case study showing the actual results obtained by customer in South Australia who was so excited with the benefits of greenhouse gardening that he sent us this photographic evidence. (He even took the time to set it up nicely in Photoshop for us!).

The interesting thing about this information is that it provides a direct comparison between growing inside the greenhouse and identical plants planted at the same time and grown outside the greenhouse. In this case, the plants being grown were beans. And as you can see, there is a huge difference in the actual size of the beans produced. (Click on the image to enlarge it). The customer also reports that those grown inside the greenhouse were noticeably superior in taste – a convincing answer to the question, does a greenhouse help plants grow?

Another interesting feature in this comparison is that the customer is in rural South Australia not far from the coast. The beans were planted in September, the time of year not normally associated with extremes of heat or cold in that part of Australia. Nevertheless, there was a startling difference in the quality and size of the beans produced.

This is a great recommendation for using a greenhouse for growing vegetables; not only beans of course. The same customer reports similar excellent results with the tomatoes he has planted. It is well worth checking out the great range of greenhouses at These vary in size from small units are suitable for courtyards and balconies right through to units suitable for small commercial growing operations.


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